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A. H. Reginald Buller
Arthur Henry Reginald Buller (August 19, 1874 – July 3, 1944) was a British/Canadian mycologist. He is mainly known as a researcher of fungi and wheat rust. Born in Moseley, Birmingham, England, he received a B.Sc. from Queen's College, Taunton in 1896 and a Ph. D. in botany from the University of Leipzig in 1899. From 1901 to 1904, he was a lecturer in botany at University of Birmingham. He came to Canada in 1904 to become the first professor of botany and geology at the University of Manitoba. He served as Head of the botany department until his retirement in 1936. He was elected to the Royal Society of Canada in 1909 and became its president in 1927. In 1929, he was awarded the Royal Society of Canada's Flavelle Medal and in 1937 he was elected a fellow of the Royal Society. He also wrote limericks, some of which were published in Punch, including this one on Einstein's theory of special relativity: There was a young lady named Bright, Whose speed was far faster than light. She started one day In a relative way, And returned on the previous night. He was awarded honorary degrees from the University of Saskatchewan, University of Calcutta, University of Manitoba, and University of Pennsylvania. The Buller Building at the University of Manitoba, built in 1932, is named in his honour.

There was a young lady named Bright
Whose speed was far faster than light;
She set out... [read poem]
whatever is
Whatever is we only know
As in our minds we find it so;
No staring fact is half so cle... [read poem]
to the young wife
Are you content, you pretty three-years’ wife?
Are you content and satisfied to live
... [read poem]
similar cases
There was once a little animal,
No bigger than a fox,
And on five toes he scampered... [read poem]
to the indifferent women
You who are happy in a thousand homes,
Or overworked therein, to a dumb peace;
Whose souls... [read poem]
one girl of many
One girl of many. Hungry from her birth
Half-fed. Half-clothed. Untaught of woman’s worth.... [read poem]
more females of the species
When the traveller in the pasture meets the he-bull in his pride,
He shouts to scare the monste... [read poem]
queer people
The people people work with best
Are often very queer
The people people own by birth... [read poem]
i would fain die a dry death
The American public is patient,
The American public is slow,
The American public will st... [read poem]

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