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Guy Lewis Steele Jr.
Guy Lewis Steele Jr., also known as "The Great Quux", is an American computer scientist and author of three books: Common Lisp the Language; C: A Reference Manual; and The High Performance Fortran Handbook (MIT Press). He was editor of The Hacker's Dictionary, which has since been revised as The New Hacker's Dictionary, edited by Eric Raymond with introduction and illustrations by Guy Steele (MIT Press). He is a co-creator of the Scheme programming language. As a senior scientist at supercomputer company Thinking Machines, he helped to define and promote a parallel version of Lisp called *Lisp (Star Lisp). In 1994 he joined Sun Microsystems and was invited by Bill Joy to become a member of the Java team after the language had been designed, since he had a track record of writing good specifications for existing languages. In addition to the specifications of the Java programming language, at Sun Microsystems Guy Steele is responsible for research in parallel algorithms, implementation strategies, and architectural and software support. In 2005, Steele began leading a team of researchers at Sun developing a new programming language named Fortress, a high-performance language designed to obsolete Fortran.

telnet song
There is a program called TELNET to get to another CPU.
Control up-arrow is the escape; it's do... [read poem]
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