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Robert Wever was an English poet of the sixteenth century (floruit c. 1550) about whom little biographical information seems to have survived. An Enterlude called lusty Juventus, an interlude, attributed to him, was published in 1565. The poem In Youth is Pleasure (In a herber green asleep whereas I lay...), is a popular and remembered anthology piece, and has been several times set to music.

on virtue
O Thou bright jewel in my aim I strive
To comprehend thee. Thine own words declare
Wisdom ... [read poem]
to a gentleman and lady on the death of the lady's brother and sister, and a child of the name avis , aged one year
On Death's domain intent I fix my eyes,
Where human nature in vast ruin lies,
With pe... [read poem]
in a herber green asleep whereas i lay
In a herber green asleep whereas I lay,
The birds sang sweet in the midd{.e}s of the day;
... [read poem]
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