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Sir Walter Scott
Poems Soldier, rest! thy warfare o'er, Sleep the sleep that knows not breaking: Dream of battled fields no more, Days of danger, nights of waking. (The Lady of the Lake: Canto 1, 624-627) County Guy It was an English Ladye Bright Jock of Hazeldean The Lady of the Lake: Canto 1 (excerpt) The Lady of the Lake: Canto 3 (excerpt) The Lady of the Lake: Canto 5 (excerpt) Lullaby of an Infant Chief MacGregor's Gathering The Maid of Neidpath Marmion: Canto 5 (excerpt) Marmion: Canto 6 (excerpt) Pibroch of Donuil Dhu Proud Maisie The Ride to Melrose (The Lay of the Last Minstrel: Cantos I-II) (excerpt) Rokeby: Canto III (excerpt) Rosabelle (The Lay of the Last Minstrel: Canto VI) (excerpt) Biographical information Given name: Sir Walter Family name: Scott Birth date: 15 August 1771 Death date: 21 September 1832 Nationality: Scottish Family relations father: Walter Scott mother: Anne Scott wife: Charlotte Mary Scott (from 24 December 1797) brother: Daniel Scott brother: John Scott brother: Robert Scott brother: Thomas Scott sister: Anne Scott son: Charles Scott son: Walter Scott daughter: Charlotte Sophia Lockhart daughter: Anne Scott Languages English French German Italian Latin Spanish Education High school in George's Square, Edinburgh: October 1778 School in Kelso Politics: Tory Honours Honorary degree, Cambridge: 1820 Honorary degree, Oxford: 1820 Literary period: Romantic Occupation: Clerk Residences Kelso Rosebank College Wynd, Edinburgh: 15 August 1771 George's Square, Ediburgh: 1778 Ashestiel on the Tweed, near Selkirk: 1804 to 1812 Abbotsford on the Tweed: May 1812

O, young Lochinvar is come out of the west,
Through all the wide Border his steed was the best;... [read poem]
county guy
Ah! County Guy, the hour is nigh,
The sun has left the lea,
The orange flower perfumes... [read poem]
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