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Thomas Tickell
Thomas Tickell, (December 17, 1685 – April 23, 1740), was a minor English poet and man of letters. The son of a clergyman, he was born at Bridekirk near Carlisle. After a preliminary education he went in 1701 to the Queen's College, Oxford, taking his M.A. degree in 1709. He became fellow of his college in the next year, and in 1711 University Reader or Professor of Poetry. He did not take orders, but by a dispensation from the Crown was allowed to retain his fellowship until his marriage in 1726. Tickell acquired the name ‘Whigissimus’, because of his close association with the Whig parliamentary party. In 1717 he was appointed Under Secretary to Joseph Addison, Secretary of State. In 1724 Tickell was appointed secretary to the Lords Justices of Ireland a post which he retained until his death in 1740, at Bath. Tickell owned house and small estate in Glasnevin on the banks of the River Tolka which later became the site of the Botanic Gardens. A double line of yew trees (known as Addison’s Walk) from Tickell’s garden is incorporated into the Gardens. His grandson Richard Tickell became a playwright and married Mary Linley, of the Linley musical dynasty.

what we might be, what we are
If you were a scoop of vanilla
And I were the cone where you sat,
If you were a slowly pit... [read poem]
On his cross still hangs the Saviour,
Bears our sins in dreadful sum,
Eighteen centuri... [read poem]
to the earl of warwick, on the death of mr. addison
If, dumb too long, the drooping Muse hath stay'd,
And left her debt to Addison unpaid;
Bla... [read poem]
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