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Francis Ernley Walrond
No information is available on this South African poet, who brought out The Gods of Africa and other Poems in London in 1912 and whose later poem, "Eve," was first published for a centenary collection of South African verse in 1925. He appears to have lived once in Pretoria. Francis Ernley Walrond was born in Edinburgh and educated at Rugby. He moved to South Africa in 1904 and earned a living there as a bank manager, in Pretoria, it seems, until his retirement in 1934, when he moved to Isipingo, Natal. Walrond was a co-founder of the Veldsingers' Club. (Thanks to André le Roux, Reference section, National Library of South Africa, Cape Town, for assistance.) Adey, David. Companion to South African English literature. Johannesburg, South Africa: Ad. Donker, 1986. PR 9350 .2 C66 1986 Walrond, F. E. The Gods of Africa and Other Poems. 1912. --. Silence Absolute. 1900. --. The Lady Beautiful. 1906. Biographical information Given name: Francis Ernley Family name: Walrond Birth date: 1875 Death date: 1948

The gray of the morning
Creeps in the room like fear.
It is growing lighter,
But I si... [read poem]
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