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John Banister Tabb

the embarrassing episode of little miss muffet
Little Miss Muffet discovered a tuffet,
(Which never occurred to the rest of us)
And, as '... [read poem]
westminster abbey
October 12, 1892

"Gib diesen Todten mir heraus." -- Don Carlos.

Bring me my ... [read poem]
when the great gray ships come in
To eastward ringing, to westward winging, o'er mapless miles of sea,
On winds and tides the gos... [read poem]
god's likeness
Not in mine own, but in my neighbor's face
Must I Thine image trace;
Nor he in his bu... [read poem]
how a cat was annoyed and a poet was booted
A poet had a cat.
There is nothing odd in that-
(I _might_ make a little pun about the _Me... [read poem]
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