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Anna Letitia Waring
Anna Letitia Waring was born at Plas-y-Velin, Neath, on April 19, 1823. She left her parents' faith, the Society of Friends, for Anglicanism, into which she was baptised on May 15, 1842. Her life-long avocations were the study of the Bible (in self-taught Hebrew), the writing of hymns, a love of animals, and charitable work for prisoners. Her Hymns and Meditations (1850) reached its 17th edition in 1896 and was popularized by the SPCK in the next century. Waring never married. She died in Clifton, Bristol, on May 10, 1910. G., A. "Waring, Anna Letitia." Dictionary of National Biography 1901-1911. 593. Waring, A. L. Hymns and Meditations. New edn. London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1911. 04430.a.1 British Library Biographical information Given name: Anna Letitia Family name: Waring Birth date: 19 April 1823 Death date: 10 May 1910 Nationality: English Languages English Hebrew Religions Quaker to 1842 Anglican: 15 May 1842 Literary period: Victorian Residences Clifton, Bristol, England to 1910 Plas-y-Velin, Neath: 1823

a preacher
"Lest that by any means
When I have preached to others I myself
Should be... [read poem]
father, i know that all my life

"My times are in Thy hand." -- Psalm XXXI.15

Father, I know that all my l... [read poem]
the happiest girl in the world
A WEEK ago; only a little week:
it seems so much much longer, though that day
is every mor... [read poem]
Wild wintry wind, storm through the night,
Dash the black clouds against the sky,
Hiss ... [read poem]
No, mother, I am not sad:
Why think me sad? I was always still,
You remember, even when my... [read poem]
a castaway
POOR little diary, with its simple thoughts,
its good resolves, its "Studied French an hour,"... [read poem]
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