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Poet James Merrill, age 30, in a 1957 publicity photograph for The Seraglio.James Ingram Merrill (March 3, 1926 February 6, 1995) was a Pulitzer Prize winning American poet and one of the most acclaimed American poets of his generation. His poetry falls into two distinct bodies of work: the polished and formalist (if deeply emotional) lyric poetry of his early career, and the epic narrative of occult communication with spirits and angels, titled The Changing Light at Sandover, which dominated his later career. James Ingram Merrill was born in New York City to Hellen Ingram Merrill and Charles E. Merrill, founding partner of the Merrill Lynch investment firm. He had two older half siblings (a brother and a sister) from his father's first marriage. As a boy, Merrill enjoyed a highly privileged upbringing in economic and educational terms. Merrill's childhood governess taught him French and German, an experience Merrill wrote about in his 1974 poem "Lost in Translation."

a renewal
Having used every subterfuge
To shake you, lies, fatigue, or even that of passion,
Now I s... [read poem]
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