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Sir George Etherege
Sir George Etherege (1635?, Maidenhead, Berkshire–c. May 10, 1692, Paris) was an English dramatist. He wrote the plays The Comical Revenge or, Love in a Tub in 1664, She Would if She Could in 1668, and The Man of Mode or, Sir Fopling Flutter in 1676. George Etherege was born in Maidenhead, Berkshire, around 1635, to George Etherege and Mary Powney, being the eldest of six children. Rumor has it that he was educated at Cambridge; however, John Dennis assures that to his certain knowledge he understood neither Greek nor Latin, thus rising doubts that he could hardly have been there. He served as apprentice to a lawyer and later studied law at Clement's Inn, London, one of the Inns of Chancery. He probably travelled abroad to France with his father who stayed with the exiled queen Henrietta Maria. It is possible that he witnessed in Paris the performances of some of Molière's earliest comedies; and he is thought, from an allusion in one of his plays, to have been personally acquainted with Roger de Rabutin, Comte de Bussy.

the puff-adder
Here where the grey rhenoster clothes the hill,
Drowsing beside a boulder in the sun,
... [read poem]
song from love in a tub
If she be not as kind as fair,
But peevish and unhandy,
Leave her, she's only worth ... [read poem]
magwere, who waits wondering
Among the smooth hills of Manika,
Near the edge of the big swamp where cane rats live,
Gre... [read poem]
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